Friday, September 15, 2017

Our Alzheimer's Journey ~ 7/26/17

Overall we've had several REALLY good days.  We continue to be seizure free.  The potential side effects of the antipsychotic Rx appear to have subsided. His diabetes is under control. His insulin has been reduced to 10 units (from 42 units a year ago).

He still has bouts of sadness...but it doesn't appear to be as often as before. 

When he does go into his "I'm not here" zone he is more and more difficult to manage. The good news is that it doesn't happen that often. 

His vocabulary appears to be diminishing. The main thing is his inability to understand what is said to him.  The word "refrigerator" appears to have vanished. The other day I told him "I'm going to put your drink in the refrigerator". He laughed and said, "What did you just call that thing?". He thought the word was really funny. 

His "living skills" vary from day to day. I now bathe him (shower). He does brush his teeth when I put the toothpaste on the toothbrush. He still dresses himself though I pick out his clothes. Some days he can't remember how to button his shirt. At night sometimes he doesn't know how to undress.  This is not every night....just some nights. Sometimes he does not understand how to get in bed.  And sometimes he refuses to go to bed. 

Two concerns I will be addressing with his Dr. are:

1. He has lost a lot of weight. His pants are literally falling off. We are going to see about a Rx for Ensure... I can get it over the counter...but Ins. should pay if it is prescribed. Plus, I kind of want to know what the Dr. thinks.

2. He is becoming more and more off balance and walking is unstable. Tonight he lost his balance and almost fell several times on our walk. Part of the problem may be that he won't leave the house without four bags of "stuff" that he currently thinks is valuable. 

Danielle is a huge help! He lights up when he sees her and she can get him to do things that I can't. 

Jordan's niece made Jordan a fidget blanket, which he really loves. It is one of his special things...that he keeps with him or hides so that no one will steal it.

I'm dealing with mental fatigue. Jordan continues to be a sweetheart, but little things can be tiring. Things like: Taking and hiding a library book that I have to return...still haven't found it.  It sounds silly...but today he also took my pocketbook. Every day I'm looking for something he has taken...things like the blood glucose tester...all my watch... my phone...

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