Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Our Alzheimer's Journey ~ 5/18/17

Jordan's condition continues to worsen. He is most likely in Stage 6 (of the 7 stages) of Alzheimer's. There are good days and awful days. There are good moments and awful moments.

1. He now has hallucinations. Objects appear to move. The floor is often wavy. Most recently, there are people who are in the hallucinations. This scares him. There are many, many people in these hallucinations.

2. I help him with dressing now. I pick out all of his clothes. Some days I need to help put items on...but not every day.

3. He wears 3 winter coats every day...He frets if he can not find his gloves (I can't find them).

4. The worst is when he "leaves me" mentally. His affect flattens. He is monotone. This often precedes his flight into a walkabout. IE he leaves. He is not wanting anyone with him. I've lost him for over an hour over that last couple of weeks.

When he asks "what is wrong with me" I discuss that he is sleep deprived (apnea getting ready for CPAP) as well as some depression. I also tell him his Doctors and I are still trying to find the right mix of medicines to make him feel better. 

I do NOT mention Alzheimer's. I believe I've described the time I told him this. He was inconsolable. His Doctors and I agree that there is no reason to cause him more distress. 

Today has been a pretty good day. One walk about (wandering), but he was receptive to me walking with him. 

Oh, as you may have surmised, he will be getting a CPAP net week.

I should clarify... both Jordan and I have moments of pure JOY. The tough things are what I've shared the most. The moments of joy are less "dramatic". He LOVES ice cream. I try to give him ice cream every day.

He loves hearing birds singing. He loves to laugh with me and Danielle. 

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