Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Our Alzheimer's Journey ~ 3/12/17

We had a pretty good week. 

Last Friday was the first day of Jordan's companion. They went to the art museum and saw the Ansel Adams show.  He was pretty tired that night but said he enjoyed the Ansel Adams show. 

Monday was day # 2. And Jordan pulled a "no show". He didn't like having a companion and decided that he didn't have to do it. Of course, the Health Aide was alarmed that Jordan wasn't home. When I reached him I said, "why aren't you home?" He agreed to go home for his day. 

Next day Jordan confessed that he doesn't want to have a companion. So, that lasted just 2 days. He said it was too exhausting and that he didn't want to make friends. --I actually get it. He's an introvert and this was just too much for him. 

I have to re-evaluate. 

The bad thing is I really hoped to use the help to get Jordan to some of his more routine appointments. I have already used 10 days PTO this year...and we aren't even through the first quarter. That's not meant to be a's just that I have to balance it all.  

That's really all that's new this week. 

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