Sunday, September 3, 2017

Our Alzheimer's Journey ~ 2/20/17

Jordan is doing much better. His mood and spirit is good. His diabetes is coming into control which also helps him feel better in general. He is enjoying things and his confusion is less.
I think one thing that helps is that we pretty much acknowledge somewhat openly to each other that there is something different going on. Somehow I think that helps make it not seem so "big".

We found earlier MRIs that we took to his Neurologist. He will be comparing them to his current MRI to try determine where changes have taken place. He/we have a big Neuro-Psychology visit in April. This is when memory tests as well as cognitive tests and motor skills will be tested. This will help determine if there are isolated parts of the brain that are involved. We will get the results and diagnosis and medical plan May 6th. All of this is taking so much longer than I expected. But, I think we both feel better that things are moving forward and that we have Drs. that are taking this seriously.

On the whole, Jordan is happy. He has his sense of humor back and we tease and laugh every single day.

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