Monday, August 28, 2017

Our Alzheimer's Journey

January 14, 2017

Jordan's condition has progressed REALLY fast. There's a huge difference from just a week ago. HIs "episodes" that may be something like epilepsy have intensified. Two nights ago he had them in his sleep. He had no less than 5. He had maybe 4 episodes yesterday and several today. This morning he had lost a huge junk of time (he feels like he just woke up from amnesia.) He is incredibly sad. 

We had a really good Dr appointment today. He's had like three episodes this afternoon...but nowhere near what he had this morning. 

I realize I'm going to have to do something so that he is not alone when this happens. I may have to take a leave of absence from work. That might be too drastic. I'm the only income. But, I have to do something 

His car is parked at the local shopping center because it wouldn't start earlier this week when he was ready to leave. We went back and it still won't start. Last night I asked Jordan what we should "do about the car". He said SELL IT! As soon as it starts. I actually think that's right too. Safer. But I want to make sure he doesn't feel stranded at home. And of course he can't organize UBER, etc. 

This morning when I asked him if he remembered that he wanted to sell the car, he panicked and said No. He did not remember and then it brought all sorts of emotions about losing his mind. He was inconsolable. Sobbing. Heartbreaking. 

The Dr. today has two additional neurology specialists he wants us to see.  

If Jordan has another episode like today...I'm thinking of going to the emergency room. 

I am incredibly overwhelmed and scared and sad too.

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