Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our Alzheimer's Journey ~ 1/19/17

Jordan's condition definitely has ups and downs.  We've had another difficult week. Jordan had another dizzy episode and confusion on Wednesday. It was bad enough that I left work to go get him. I took him to the emergency room...I didn't know what else to do.  

I had thought his "episodes" were over. But, like I said, they are back. After the episodes, he feels hopeless and is seriously depressed. His deep depression confuses him. They did a CAT scan in the emergency room which revealed "significant" atrophy. The emergency room Dr. said it looks like his disease is progressing super fast which is probably what is causing the episodes of confusion and depression. He did not think he had experienced a seizure. The Dr. said that because the brain seems to be changing more rapidly that "normal" Alzheimer's that there are going to be bursts of distress.  --This is his opinion based on an isolated assessment. The Dr. required follow-up was to visit with Primary Care Dr. within 24 hours and visit with Neurologist within 48 hours.

Well, we were able to see his primary Dr. She is super helpful. She is not ready to rule out "seizures" as a possible diagnosis. He is scheduled for seizure testing on Feb. 27th. This was scheduled when we met with his new neurologist. After the emergency room, I tried to get in with the neurologist. --The soonest we can get in is 3/2. --And that is with me explaining this is follow up for an emergency room visit.  

I sent an email to his neurologist asking for an evaluation of his meds and begged his consideration ASAP. I think we need to take him of Donepezil. These dizzy and nausea AND depression issues are known side effects to this med. They are not "typical" side effects...but nothing Jordan is experiencing with this illness is "typical".

His depression is significant. Danielle came for a visit this weekend. His depression abates when someone is here to "play" and distract him. But as soon as she left, he was depressed again. None of his Drs. will consider new meds for depression until the seizure testing is complete. 

The emergency room Dr. said to "supervise Jordan closely". I may have the wording wrong. --But I took that to mean don't leave him alone. I have been with him since Wednesday.  Tasks are becoming more difficult for Jordan. 

Things I've done/put into place to manage/cope:
1. I hired a "personal assistant" for three hours a week. She has come twice. She is fully aware of Jordan's condition. She helps me with light work around the apartment (including laundry). Jordan no longer seems to be able to do some of the activities that he used to do (including laundry). She also runs errands for me. One of the benefits of having her is that during the time she is here Jordan gets to have interaction.  --He tells me he is incredibly lonely.

2. I have interviewed for Home Health Care to start ASAP three days a week. We've had the nurse intake. I've designed a care plan that includes lots of outdoor and out of the house interactions. Jordan goes back and forth on how he feels about this. Sometimes is "somewhat" excited" and other times he feels that I'm treating him like a "baby" or something. 

3. We made the difficult decision to give up the Service Dog Racheal. Long story short...I was scammed. It was an expensive scam. I'm heartbroken. I may be able to give more details on Racheal another time. It's too much this time.

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