Monday, August 14, 2017

More Updating

It feels just yesterday I was giving a "little update".... (I kid). It feels like maybe a year ago. 

I made some super hard decisions to handle our new normal. In April Jordan's doctor was very clear that Jordan now required 24 / 7 care. My piecing together care with gaps between the caregiver leaving and my getting home was no longer going to work. Immediately I had to change my work schedule to manage the previous gaps in care. It was a tough balance. My employer was so understanding. They agreed to work with me in any way I needed. So I decided to take a leave of absence.

At some point during the leave of absence, it became clear that I wouldn't be able to go back to work. 

I am now Jordan's full-time caretaker. 

It has been one of the scariest decisions I've made. Leaving my job that I loved was hard. Making the finances work is a different kind of balancing act. 

The second big change was made in tandem with leaving my job. We relocated to Wilmington. 

Our daughter is here. Plus, it is a small beach town which gives us new things to appreciate. The slower pace is palpable. There have been challenging days that I do not feel equipped for. I'm definitely not trained for it. 

There are not all rosy days...but there are still good days. Still days with no bad spells, still days when we are silly with lots of laughter. 


  1. Hang in there Kimberly. You know you made the right decision and thigh will work themselves out in the end. Enjoy the new house in such an amazing town. Miss you and best wishes, Megan.

    1. Hey Megan, I'm so glad you are up to date. I wanted to call and tell you about things...but Jordan's condition has progressed very fast...Thanks for your words of encouragement. :)


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