Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Little Update

Hello, dear friends.

I've been working on strategies to best address our continuingly changing "new normal". My sweet husband has dealt with several of the "complications" of Alzheimer's. I don't remember if I mentioned Jordan's seizures. They were very distressing for him. 

I've found that one of the most difficult things is to negotiate the medical maze and actually getting an appointment with a Doctor. He has several doctors that I am very pleased with. They are compassionate and willing to aggressively treat his conditions. But, they are booked ahead for months. 

The first course of treatment for the seizures was taking him off one of his medications "cold turkey". It is one that possibly exacerbates the potential for seizures. The cold turkey medication withdrawal was very hard. Very, very hard. Every day I reassured him that he will feel better soon. Thank goodness he has felt somewhat better. 

We added an anti-seizure medicine which has worked. 

In April it became clear that he was having hallucinations. I'm not sure if he had them during the time I was addressing his seizures. Like if the seizures masked them? 

Jordan says this is scaring the Sh*t out of him. We have an appointment with another specialist this week for this. 

I'm not quite sure how far along the Alzheimer's journey. We all understand that Alzheimer's means the memory fades. But, I had no idea about the other complications. 

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