Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nothing Says Spring Like Baby Goats

Springtime is baby time at a farm. Mamacita has restocked her farm with cows and is boarding horses as well. It is her happy place. She also decided to get a few goats. They are supposed to eat the overgrown shrubs. Not sure how that part is going. 

Sadly, one of the mother goats had complications and was not able to nurse her babies. This meant the babies had to be bottled fed. To make it easier to feed the twins Dad brought them home to his backyard. 

These little guys are so cute. As you can see...they make Dad very happy. --He won't admit to this, but they wiggled their way right into his heart. 

These goats are too cute with their little bleats and their little horns. Watching them run and jump is the so fun. I believe it is impossible to be cranky after watching these little guys jumping and running.

We went over to Dad's several times to play with these cute guys. But farm animals need to be on a farm (according to Dad). So when they weaned they went back to the farm with all of their goat friends.

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