Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It's Just Part of the Story

I've missed coming here to tell my little stories. I know there haven't been real stories in a while. But, I miss coming in to chat.

I may have mentioned that my husband has Alzheimer's. It is early's rare that someone his age would have Alzheimer's.  In a word, it's been overwhelming. This blog is not about to become totally devoted to Alzheimer's or living with Alzheimer's and I do not intend for this blog to become an advocacy platform. This is simply my place to tell my stories in cyberspace.

Here's the stories include Alzheimer's and loving my husband who is living with it.

My husband used to be my most regular blog reader. I never wanted to put anything here that could hurt him in any way. This blog is no longer a thing he remembers, so I'm stepping out to talk just a little.

My thought is that if I talk about where we are in this condition that the fact that we are living with this condition will be just one thing about me and my life. You know? Like I'm right handed, don't have a sense of smell and need reading glasses. Some things, of course, take up more space in your life.

We got the formal diagnosis almost a year ago. I've known something was really wrong since 18 months ago. I noticed little things over the last several years, but the things I noticed were intermittent.

On a totally different note, Jordan and I are watching the very first episode of The Big Bang Theory. It was funny from day one! 

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