Sunday, January 22, 2017

Racheal's Day Out

Today, Jordan, Racheal and I went to our first "Social Outings" training. I'm always a little anxious when I try something new, but this was a really rewarding experience.

Racheal has been a challenge. This class (along with classes we've had with other trainers) reminds us that Racheal is full of potential. I tell her that at least once a day.  

Today's outing was to a frozen yogurt place. Before we got to the yogurt shop, we did several exercises to reinforce good behavior. The exercises definitely built my confidence. 

We even did a little dog parkour. I've only recently learned that this is urban dog agility. Intriguing, right?

The highlight for me was Racheal on a rock. Yep, she killed it. The reward for all of this work was chocolate frozen yogurt (for me) and vanilla (for Jordan). Racheal got the opportunity to rest while we ate our yogurt. WE all three had a great time.

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