Saturday, December 17, 2016

Just a week before Christmas...Eve

I've been so silent here. The sparks of inspiration hit often...but rarely when I can capture them. Today after some required chores I took a much-needed nap.  I need more naps in my life. 

November and December have been very hectic. I think I mentioned we moved. It was a small move...from one building to the next. But it's still a move. We still had to box up all of our things and get them to the new place. 

We've been so proud of ourselves for our move two years ago from our house to a one bedroom apartment. Our one bedroom was 853 square feet. Our new apartment is 783 square feet. When we finally finish putting everything away, this size will be perfect. I'm in love with the layout. 

I really like that the dining area has its own space. I like defined areas. I plan to take pics of how we have made this work for us. 
We didn't lose a lot of square feet, but it is noticeable. For the most part, though, it's a very efficient layout. 

Why did we make this move? We wanted/needed to be on the first floor. I was concerned that as Jordan's condition progresses that balance will be a problem. The first floor will make it easier to navigate. 

Racheal has changed our life too. She's added a certain amount of chaos as we try to get her completely acclimated to her job. She's a beautiful and large animal. She takes up a lot of space and doesn't have a good idea about how big she is. She misjudges how long her body is often. Getting her all the way inside the door before trying to close it is trickier than with our little dog.

Some days I fight feeling discouraged. I am trying to learn not to worry. Easier said than done. Truth be told, I MAY be a control freak. People always say that like it's a bad thing. --I have to say control has often really worked for me. 

I've learned, forgotten and re-learned the fact that control is an illusion.  But, sometimes the illusion is a really good one.

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