Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Nucleus

My Nucleus

How is it possible? Another birthday for my daughter. How is it possible that she is this amazing young woman...all her own... when she was once just this tiny little pink baby?

Okay, I'm going all mushy here...but why not? She's MY baby! And I'm in awe!

This person that is separate and apart from me...and yet is so much a part of me. I love her fiercely.

She and Jordan are my heart.

Recently, Jordan and I reminisced about when we were young parents. One of the surprises was how much we loved every single stage of her development. When we brought her home we both said, "This is our favorite baby stage." But then when she had each milestone we would look at each other and say, "THIS, this is our favorite stage."

And now, she is a capable, tender, amazing young lady.  Jordan and I are lucky beyond words.
Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my favorite girl!!!

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