Sunday, October 16, 2016

Autumn is Here

Autumn is finally upon us and I am reminded of why I love this season SO much. The cooler air with some breeze. The crisp mornings with a surprising number of songbirds singing as though they are coming back for spring. This is the first year I noticed that. They are singing so much more than they did in the summer. If spring is the season of new beginnings, what is fall? 

It is a spectacular season with majestic colors and the cool breezes are refreshing. The sun sets earlier inviting us to slow down and rest a little. 

Today I'm content AND happy. I'm not fighting what "is". At least not today.  

We are nearing the end of 2016 (no kidding, we are 2 months away from Christmas...almost) and I was reminded of my "word of the year". I wrote about this in January (like bloggers do).  I'm sort of surprised by how fitting the word feels at the moment.

My sweetheart and I have been faced with a diagnosis that has changed our "normal". We are now living our new normal, which will continue to change as things progress. The diagnosis is unequivocal. Knowing is better than not knowing.   I was surprised how much my heart ached as I tried to figure out what we do "next". What we do is..."lean in". Energy is too precious to waste on fighting with the fates. 

There is an amazing peace that comes with acceptance. Acceptance does not mean giving up. This may sound like a contradiction. We are accepting what is undeniable and what is now. But, we are committed to doing everything we can to slow the progression. I believe that it is possible. 

I leave you with a few quotes that do a fairly good job of summing up what I mean.

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