Sunday, July 17, 2016

Balance, Priorities and Puppies


I haven't been on my blog for a while. I'm a little overwhelmed. Not necessarily in a bad way. Work is very busy. Which is great. Coincidentally I've also had to schedule miscellaneous appointments (dentist, eye dr., reg. dr., etc. ). The time away from the office is not ideal. But, it's hard to predict when our production spikes will occur. So...I've had to put in a few more hours on the back end of a normal work day.  That's my story.

Work / Life Balance

Instead of going to yoga, I've stayed at work. I really should start a practice at home. But I really enjoy it so much more when I have a teacher to follow. It's also a nice communal experience. Neither of which I want to give up. But...when we are busy and I have to choose where to spend the extra time...I do have to keep in mind that work actually pays for yoga.  So...

Priorities and Choices

I admit that I'm making a choice. It is a choice. It's a choice between leaving work "on time", or early even and doing yoga for the health and mind-clearing benefits. But, I also know that leaving without getting what needed to be done completed...just means a sleepless night as I worry about how I'm going to get it all done the next day. 

So anyhoo, I woke up today blue. Stressed a little about what I have ahead of me at work. Worried a little about how I will get it all done. Yadda, yadda, yadda---blue.

I took Jacob out for his morning walk. --It was already muggy. I wanted to give Jacob a little extra time. So I walked the long way around the complex, making our way to the dog park. Jacob and I visited the apartment dog park a couple of times when we first moved here. Both times we were the only two in the park. So, I sort of had it in my head that going to the doggie park at the complex was a solo kind of thing....which isn't that appealing.


The dog park has been updated. The grass is a turf so that it doesn't become a mud pit after our torrential rains. They added a few obstacles for dogs. It is nice.

More happiness: 

Two doggies were already in the park. Instant playmates. One dog was a Yorkie (I think). The other...a puppy. An English sheepdog puppy. He was a joy to watch. Several other people came with their dogs which made the whole thing more interesting. 

Puppies, sheepdog

And, just that short time watching a puppy play...made all the difference in my day.

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