Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Don't Know Where to Start

I have opened this blog so many times to write a real post.  The actual writing of the post never happened. Instead, I busied myself with non-writing bloggy things. I've heard that writers get their best house cleaning done when they are on a deadline. That was me. Only, that really never happens to me. Technically, I'm never on a deadline. And yet...I came here to write. 

You may have noticed I changed the look of the blog. Yeah, that kind of bloggy stuff can really keep you from writing. I also got so OBSESSED "caught up" in the new look that I could not stop tinkering. There are still some hidden secrets to getting the formatting consistent throughout. Yeah, this code is above my pay grade. In fact, I need to give a should out to the designer:   "Bthemez".  It's funny, I've spent so much time working with this HTML code I had this feeling that I knew the designer. But, I really don't. But their work is really nice!

I have been writing...but not for publication. Maybe that is why I couldn't bring myself here. Maybe I had already expressed what I wanted to say. 

But, no. That is not the case.  I have plenty to say. I just haven't gotten comfortable with saying it yet. (Sharing it yet?)

I really do like my little space on the web. I hope you continue to stop by. 

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