Friday, April 15, 2016

Signs of Spring and Ow, My Knee

I have not been here for awhile so I'm back to tell you what's new around here. The geese are back at the office. This is the third spring they have nested there. It may be that they've been nesting there even's the third spring I've been at this office. You remember the first spring when the nest was in the parking lot? Both this spring and last they nested in the greenspace in front of the building. The female sits on the nest for most of the day. The nest is actually flush with the building and an office window. I absolutely love watching these two sweet geese return to nest at the office each spring. 

I have not been to yoga this entire week. I feel a little lost without my practice. Two weeks ago when I moved to table top position I felt a sharp pain in my left knee.  It was surprising how sharp the pain was but it ended immediately. I thought it was sort of a fluke. But, here it is two weeks later and the knee is still acting up. It feels like gravel is inside of the knee.  It feels like the gravel is pressing against the skin from the inside. This is the same knee that I've had trouble with. I actually have arthritis in both knees. But it is significant in the left knee. I had physical therapy for this knee in 2013. Physical therapy helped immensely and I learned exercises to keep the muscles around the kneee stable. I've been keeping up the muscle maintenance with yoga. 

I did some web diagnosis...because I really don't want to go to the doctor. Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm actually hoping that this knee thing will just go away with rest. It is so close to being better. My thinking was a week without yoga could allow my knee the time to get better.

It has been an interesting week with a break in my routine and my discipline.
I want it back. 

Cheers for the weekend!