Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Little Catching Up

Apartment Kitchen
How lovely was today? It was still chilly here but with a beautiful blue sky. I took the pic below from my porch today. It's the same view I've posted before. I know it isn't that different but today, I felt that the bright sunny day was especially cheery.

One of the things that I love about living here is that we can appreciate the lovely landscape without the work.
Apartment Pool and Clubhouse
As I write this I'm feeling a twinge of guilt. We have a very sweet workout space that I've only used something like three times. It's one of the perks of living here and I'm simply not taking advantage of it.

I've been pretty consistently doing yoga at my yoga studio, so it's not like I'm being completely sedentary. But, I think I may need to step up my game. I think I need to add cardio. I also have a very nice gym at my work. It got an upgrade last winter. Here's what I think I should do...I should workout at the gym at work. Some people do it on their lunch break. There's a shower so it's not completely out of the question for me. I was about to say or I could take a later yoga class and do something like 30 minutes cardio before going to yoga. That's also not a bad plan. But, I think that the lunch workout is actually better for my brain.

Apartment Window~I just got a new book that talks about the brain and how to keep your mind sharp and fresh and it says it helps to use physical activity to break up chunks of time spent in concentration. So, with that thought, it probably makes sense to workout at lunch.
In other news...

Yawning Cat
Alister has really blossomed. He is so very playful and a little mischevious. Alister likes to play with Jacob...and I think he also likes to get Jacob into trouble.Alister will walk slowly in front of Jacob and just as he's walking past, Alister will run. Of course, what poodle, or dog for that matter, can resist a chase? So, a chase ensues with barking, which causes Jordan and me to scold Jacob. We know Alister isn't afraid or in any distress. Alister hasn't hissed or growled or raised his back towards Jacob. That tells me that Alister is in complete control of the playtime.

CatLately, Alister has upped his game. Now he plans his own "attack". He'll hide behind a wall and then come running at Jacob and put his paws around Jacobs' neck. Jacob wants to play also. He will take his stuffed animal (currently a duck) over to Alister and sort of nose it to him. You can tell Jacob wants to play tug of war. They both want to play but haven't quite figured it out.

And that's what's been happening in my world.

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