Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More Photography

Not long after the yearbook publisher deadline, Jordan and I began dating. He continued to pursue photography for his degree as well as contributing to the college publications. I would go with him on photo shoots just to spend time with him. I also spent time in the dark room watching him create. 
Photographer in Park
Jordan Behind the Lens
I rarely used a camera. That sort of changed on my first trip to Europe. I went alone and wanted to be sure to document the experience. 

While we were in the Pacific Northwest, I began to think of myself as a photographer. Living there, I felt like an ex-pat (of sorts). The landscape (both urban and natural) was not like "home". There are many unique things to see and I wanted to document our life there.  While we lived there, Jordan and I began going to places with the set intention of photographing. We each gave each other space to explore. For me, photographing a place can be meditative. I typically don't talk when I'm photographing. I like to get lost in the solitude of finding my shots. 

After our excursions, Jordan and I reviewed each others images. It was fun to how differently we see / approach things. Reviewing our images was almost as much fun as the shoot itself. Jordan was always generous with feedback. I learned how to keep my own style while making better images. 
Camera, Photographer
We still enjoy taking photography excursions together. We've been on several trips to the mountains when we were able to spend time with our cameras. But, often our excursions are just the afternoon at the gardens or a lake.

I am so happy that Jordan has given me the confidence to boldly call myself a photographer. Albeit, a seriously enthusiastic amateur...a photographer none the less.

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