Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More Apartment Living

I realize that the photos of our apartment are pretty sparse here on the blog. One reason is that I haven't felt that the photos I've taken actually do the space justice. I have been relying on my smartphone as my impromptu camera, which does not do well in low light.  ~That's the excuse reason I'm using, anyway. So, to give a better idea about our apartment, I'm sharing pics of the model units, which are very nicely lit.
LIving Room

When I started the blog I had just moved back to my "home" state. Jordan and I were creating a new home differently from what we had ever done before. I look back now, and I'm not sure I told the "story" of that house.  Not cohesively, anyway. It's not a dramatic story, just a making a home story that I will save for another day.
Model Apartment Kitchen

The two photographs above are not my particular floor plan, but it does give a good idea of the style. The floors are "wood-style" plank flooring. To minimize noise issues, only the first floor has this flooring throughout the unit. We are on the second floor, so we have carpet in the living / dining area. The kitchen and bathroom have the wood style floor. I like the look of wood floors even if they are not wood. 
Model Apartment Bedroom

The photo above is of my floor plan. I do not expect that I will ever publish a photo of my actual bedroom. ~Don't get me wrong, I love it, but we always seem to be transitioning something in or out. This gives you an idea of what the bedroom could look like. 

When we downsized when we were living in Bellevue, many of my friends and colleagues were intrigued that we would be able to condense into just over 700 square feet! [See the floor plan by clicking here.]

Mind you, our space here in NC is more than 800 square feet, coming in at 853 square feet. [Floor plan below.]

Apartment Floorplan
Danielle was in college and in her own apartment when we downsized. We didn't need as much space with just the two of us. Danielle had a sweet apartment as well. 

In Bellevue, moving into an apartment with good community spaces was KEY. Because we were in a highrise, it was easy for one or both of us to venture off to the common area, which felt like a big living room with a fireplace. There was a coffee bar in there, so we would often sit with a coffee by the fire and read...or whatever. We were often the only ones using the space, which was cool. Though we rarely needed it, when either of us wanted some space, we had a place to go. That was really the biggest change for us. In a big sprawling house, we often had rooms that no one spent time in but we also plenty of different places to go  when we needed quiet time.

The Bellevue apartment also had a nice gym, that I didn't take advantage of. And a theater room that I DID take advantage of. I really enjoyed living in a highrise. I wonder if I would enjoy a highrise in a bigger Seattle proper. I think I would. I think I'd enjoy being able to walk out of the lobby and already be somewhere. Bellevue was sort of a sleepy town with a few restaurants you could walk to...but it wasn't hopping.

Needless to say, living in this apartment is a different feel from the Bellevue high-rise. And yet I love it just as much--but differently. 

I hope you are having a good week~it's basically half way over. 


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