Sunday, January 31, 2016


I stumbled upon this article called "Why We All Need Hygge in Our Lives" and the idea has been percolating in my mind ever since. I may be the last to the Hygge awareness...but just in case this is new to you the explanation in the article is:
It’s a concept that’s all about making things soft, cozy and comfortable, sort of like the embodiment of a warm fuzzy feeling.

Hygge is a Danish concept / custom and is credited as a reason Denmark is is considered one of the Happiest Nations. Basically, in a country that has very long winters with longer nights than days, creating a cozy home gathering with loved ones makes for a happy winter. There are tons of pictures on the net of what Hygge looks like.

Starbucks on a Winter MorningFrom what I can tell, Hygge looks like cozy socks and heavy afghans, candles and blazing fires in the dark. I think it probably smells and tastes like cookies, coffee and hot tea with a little chocolate and cinnamon.

Last weekend, when we were snowed in, I approached it as a Hygge opportunity. Pajama bottoms, warm socks, and an afghan while reading on the couch. We ate sausage biscuits we had in the freezer. We had a copious amount of hot tea and we had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.
English Tea

We were lucky that we did not lose power so we were able to stay nice and warm. We enjoyed a very Hygge weekend. I hope your winter is cozy and warm and safe and happy.

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P.S. Tuesday is Ground Hog Day!

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