Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016

I have to say I really took my "goals" seriously for 2015. I grew in more ways than I expected and I'm changed. I like that concept: "changed". I like that my goals were pure. I would categorize the 2015 goals as Health and Happiness goals. The goals focused on actions and ownership rather than results. I guess it's based the whole idea of if you do the right things, the right things will happen.

Okay, to be clear, some of my secret hopes for end results have not been achieved. I was sort of hoping that I'd drop some weight as one of the typical definitions of "health". Funny enough, I did lose a little weight, but not really a significant amount. After about six months of my regular yoga, a few people commented that they thought I lost weight. And here's the thing, my dresses are hanging like they are too big. So, although the scale didn't move very much, things appear to have shifted which gives the illusion that I'm somehow smaller. Hey, I'll take it. 

But (and I know you are not supposed to start a sentence with "but" much less a paragraph...but...) if I had focused on an end result, I would have abandoned the goals. Being focused on a # on the scale (that did not happen, by the way) would have been too discouraging. Instead, I'm taking "baby steps". Baby steps I go to the yoga studio. Baby steps I get through a full class without passing out. Baby steps I begin to get stronger and can do more of the poses and take fewer child's poses and so on. 

I've learned so much just by doing. 

Without further ado, I will set my intentions for 2016.  ~I like the concept of intentions better than goals. I think it speaks more closely to what I'm doing.

❋ Continue to Own My Practice

❋ Get My Sleep {I mean REALLY!}

❋ Own My Daily Water Intake

❋ Nurture My Relationships

I have so much more to say about all of this...but it is already past my I need to go.

Peace & Happiness,

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