Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wilmington Tour

It's not hard to guess who one of my favorite people is. (Bad grammar?) It is, of course, Danielle. She also just happens to be my daughter. I know all Moms love their kids and such. But favorite peep goes beyond the mother daughter thing. Danielle makes me laugh so easily. And it's the hearty, can't catch my breath, tears in my eyes laugh. 

This was our first visit to see her new apartment.

Danielle has a very good design sense. She has made her place feel like home. She has created such a good life for herself in her new town.
I just love Danielle's sense of adventure. Finding her own place to call home. Not just her own apartment, but her own town. I had only visited the area beaches (which are amazing), but had never spent time exploring what "else" Wilmington has to offer.  Luckily for us, Danielle is a perfect tour guide.

Day 1 was really just an evening with her and her special someone at a really fun restaurant, The Front Street Brewery.
Jordan and I arrived first and were told to expect a 45 minute wait. They alert you that your table is ready via a phone text. 
Here's a pic of the restaurant (and our table). We were seated pretty fast. A lot faster than 45 minutes. The place had a really fun atmosphere and was really easy for us to talk and, of course, laugh.

Our second day was filled with being tourists. Danielle took us to the waterfront and we took a trolley ride/tour, which I recommend. We walked all around the waterfront. It is so very charming. After dinner at another fun restaurant, we called it a day. I was so tired...but the good kind.

Our day 2 was the 4th of July.

We weren't sure what places would be open on the holiday, but decided to spend the day in the downtown/waterfront area again. This time we had an idea of places we definitely wanted to go back to and streets we wanted to walk down.

Wilmington, NC
1st Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC
St. James Episcopal
We spent the early part of the morning strolling down the beautiful historic home lined streets. I did not realize that we have a very beautiful historic city so close to home. On my next trip, I hope to be able to see inside the lovely churches and synagogue.
Temple of Israel

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