Saturday, June 6, 2015

National Donut Day

Yesterday was Donut Day!! And Jordan and I got a box of donuts to celebrate. I have a weakness for donuts. I have a similar weakness for cookies (not the packaged kind) and cupcakes. Sometimes I'll be watching TV and I realize, "You know what? I really want a donut." I don't remember ever having a similar out of the blue desire for cookies. Though if someone has cookies or says the word cookies I will definitely want one.  {Favorites: Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle} 

One night this week when I came home Jordan was finishing a serving of ice cream. As soon as I saw it I wanted it. --Are we seeing a trend? Anyway, he gave me the last two bites of the ice cream. It was vanilla with chocolate covered almonds. --So good. I must have lingered over the empty ice cream bowl too long. "We have more," Jordan told me, "just the freezer." I made a mental note and planned to have a decadent ice cream snack later. By the time I was ready for my dairy delight, I was also equally ready for bed. Knowing that the ice cream will be just as good tomorrow or even the next night (or whenever), I had no qualms about delaying my date with ice cream.

But donuts? I don't have to see them to want them. It's my first thought when someone says "we should get something sweet." 

In honor of Donut Day, Jordan got us a box of donuts. We have enough to last the entire weekend. They were good last night and also this morning. Tomorrow they will likely need a little warm up in the microwave to melt the sugar and re-soften the yeasty goodness. I already know that when I put the warm sugary donut in my mouth it will be just as good the first day.

It's no secret I'm working on getting my body into shape. --Well, actually, if you went just by looking at me, it may be a secret.  But I'm proud to say went to four yoga classes this week, including one at 8:00 this morning. I'm not as proud to say that I had a donut in my mouth as I walked to the car to go to yoga. Everything in moderation, right?
Kelly Kapoor-The Office

The quote at the top is one of mine. Yes...I'm quotable. You can quote me.

Have a fun weekend!

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