Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cruise Thoughts {# 2}

I haven't told you quite enough about the cruise. Oh I know I shared some first impressions but the trip needs more than that.

In addition to being a wedding celebration, it the trip was a family gathering of sorts, two families really. I am not a member of either family. The Bride and Groom families came from New Mexico and Detroit meeting each other for the first time on the cruise. Danielle knows both the Bride and Groom and by extension knows the Mother of the Bride and the Bride's brother. 

Two Bridesmaids came in from New Mexico and the first night on the boat was the first time Danielle met them. Groomsmen came in from Detroit. No single person knew everyone until the first night. I was the only one that didn't know anyone. 

And yet...I felt as if I knew the Bride for a year and the Groom for slightly less than that. Danielle and K. have a special bond, one that grew out of being in their early twenties and making their way in a new city on their own.

By extension, I felt like I knew K. before I even met her. And when I did meet her we embraced (and squealed a little). It was genuine affection that we both already had for each other.  Meeting the Groom felt much the same. It felt perfectly natural to be attending their wedding. 

For me, the trip was a really rich combination of activity balanced with my personal requirements for alone time. We all had dinner together in the dining room on the first two nights. I will tell you dinner was always lovely. 

Sunset on the First Night of the Cruise
After dinner the group splintered into smaller groups. By the end of dinner I craved time to myself. One thing about me and "time to myself" is that I don't have to be alone or isolated to achieve the "me time". Maybe this is true for lots of people. I can spend and afternoon alone with a book on my front porch or I can be on a beach chair in the middle of the pool deck (actually not the middle, but you get what I'm saying). I can feel as refreshed on the pool deck as on my own private porch. I guess what I'm saying is I can achieve my bliss of alone time even when I'm not literally alone. 

I also enjoy mixing in and out of the "party". One night I went to the much hyped musical production in the theater. As far as I could gather there was no intermission and the show didn't captivate me enough to stay. So I quietly left. When you are there alone you can do that with no fuss. 

Not ready to end my night out and about I looked for (and found) the karaoke bar. I knew this was what the younger crowd was planning to do and I happened to come in while they were there. So I spent time with the group until the karaoke was over. That's what I mean by mixing in and out of the party.

That is all for now. I will share the rest of my Cruise Thoughts next time.


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