Monday, January 5, 2015

Identifying with an Open Letter...

Have you played the Triangle Peg game? I'm kind of addicted. I've only gotten down to one peg once. ONCE! What's crazy is that I though once I solved it I would be able to solve it again and again. Turns out I can't actually remember how I did it that one time. 

This game hasn't broken me. Not like the rubik's cube. I have to make sure never to touch a ribik's cube. I become glassy eyed, shifting and rotating all of the squares in the cube. I'm sure there is a solution...but I think I've proven that I won't find that solution on my own. 

Truth be told I'm fairly competitive and that includes competing with a game that has no opponent. That's just a little known fact about me. These past few days I've shared several tidbits. Some of those bits make sense to me and some I bits I'm still exploring. 

I read one of my favorite blogger's 2014 Recap and discovered a post I'd previously missed. The teaser: "Monica Geller as a friendship role model" made me giggle. You can never go wrong with a reference to friends. 

That wasn't the smoothest of segues but I have learned a lot from the Modern Mrs. Darcy. In the same post that explained Monica's role model attributes, Anne shared an Open Letter From Introverts from Blush. If you are an extrovert you should read this letter. If you are an introvert you should read this letter. 

The first bullet point spoke to me: "Errr... Book Club is on Mondays? Um. OK, I can't make it. Ever. Why? Because it's on Monday." 

It is so reassuring to read my thoughts articulated by someone else. I'm not the only one that has cocooning instincts. I grab hold of this feeling that I am "not weird".  I know that this may not be true but for now I'm basking in the glow of being "not weird".

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