Sunday, December 21, 2014

Have Yourself a Merry Little....

NYC Christmas TreeThis is the week for celebrations! I'm getting excited about our Christmas Day  plans.  We will be traveling to Wilmington to have Christmas with our daughter and her husband.  Can. Not. Wait. 

Last year was special as we were able to spend time with my husband's family in the picturesque Charlottesville. Lisa's house is the epitome of Christmas cheer. In addition to the lovely decor, there are  sweets and treats galore. If she wanted to, Lisa could run a truly lovely Bed and Breakfast. Danielle were on the phone talking about our Christmases in Charlottesville. A Christmas memory that we make every year we are there is yummy white russians or kahlua and cream. I love, love, love them. And I have no will power when where kahlua is concerned. D. and I were laughing that I usually have a few drinks and they taste just like dessert...and embarrassingly, I often end up a little tipsy. It happens so fast, I never expect it! I'm such a lightweight. 

This year we will be at D.'s house. She's talked about cookies and eggnog and I am so excited. 

I'm going to try to savor the last few days we have left of festive lights and good cheer. In case I don't sign on to say "Hello" between now and then....

I hope you have a  Merry Christmas!

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