Saturday, December 13, 2014

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

I've enjoyed lots of blogs sharing favorite yuletide movies and to get into the holiday mood I found myself actually watching a few. Thankfully, the movies I've watched haven't been too sugary sweet.

The first movie I fell into watching was "Dear Santa" (LifeTime). I was drawn in because I was trying to tell if the lead actress was from TV's "Person of Interest". Turns out, yes, she is the same actress. But on "Person of Interest" she's kind of scary/crazy. Though, I think they changed her character as being "for good".  Still...she's kind of dark in that role.

Anywho, her character was not dark in this movie. You could guess that because it was on the Lifetime channel AND the movie is "Dear Santa". But what I did love was that the character was kind of shallow. Not in a "bad" way but in a kind endearingly unaware way, à la "Clueless". 

There is something to be said about focusing on what color scarf you are going to buy without considering if you can afford it. For me, this is a guilty fantasy moment. The movie begins with Crystal (the lead) window shopping. She is looking at a ridiculously expensive party dress  and her biggest worry is if they have it in her size. 

Later, while her new dress is hanging in her closet, Crystal plays a voicemail from her mother that she half listens to. Mom is saying "blah blah...cut more money...blah blah." I loved Crystal's non-reaction. She calls her best friend and says something like, "It looks like I need to get a job. I really have to focus on that." Then she says, with so much more enthusiasm, "Ooh, you know what else I need? I need a latte," and she tells her friend to meet her at their fav. coffee shop. 

NYC Radio City
See how great that is? No actual worry...just a passing thought that is equal in value to the thought of having a latte with a friend.

The movie is a fun Christmas story complete with a Christmas miracle or two. So, if you want a 90 minute pick me up...I recommend this one.

Oh, and I threw in my photo of Radio City Music Hall for extra Christmas cheer!


  1. I've been eyeing this movie on Netflix debating if its worth wasting 90 mins on lol, now that ive read this I'm def going to watch it! Thanks for sharing! Personally I've been hooked on all the Hallmark channel Christmas movies (my favs are the ones with Candace Cameron Bure in them)! Some are probably too sugar cutter for you but heres a few i think you might actually like: Window Wonderland (about two window dressers in NY competing for best xmas window), A Cookie Cutter Christmas (rival ex-bestfriends and now fellow school teachers compete against each other for best Christmas cookie and the affection of one man), Christmas Ornament, Christmas Under Wraps (Candace Cameron Bure plays a Dr. whose forced to move from the big city to a small town in Alaska called Garland), Trading Christmas, and A Very Merry Mix-Up... just to name a few! ;)

    1. I forgot to ask you if you watched this. We really enjoyed 4 Christmases. :)


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