Saturday, May 31, 2014

Putting the "Home" in the House

This is the kitchen in our first house. I've never been what I would call a cook. Although, oddly, the kitchen is one of the rooms that determines if I'm going to like the home. This was a sweet kitchen though I feel the need to add a disclaimer about the curtains. They were there when we moved in. They weren't great but...they didn't bother us either. So they stayed.
Like I said before, we have very few photos from before digital. It's not that we didn't take them, we absolutely did take them. And I think we put them in photo books. But finding them now...that would be a trick.

Anyway, as I look at this picture of me in the kitchen I'm curious what I was working on. I'm clearly doing something. The cutting board is out and everything. I love this photo for several reasons. It's a rare thing to see me actually doing kitcheny stuff in the kitchen. And, the photo captures some of the ways I fell in love and at home so quickly.

I love that we had a minimalist style in the kitchen. But the things that were in the kitchen were all "happy" things. Some of the things I had lived with for a while. And, I think pretty much everything we see was a gift.

1. Teapot Gift //\\ 2. Cutting Board-painted by G'ma //\\ 3. Peanut Jar w/utensils 
4. Sugar Bowl from G'ma //\\ 5. Teapot from G'ma

I have a special love for each thing as I look at the photo now. I've highlighted some of the big things that made me happy. The cutting board on the stove was painted by my grandmother. That one was just for show. The sugar bowl was from Grandma as well. And I loved it in spite of the broken handle. I think my Dad gave me the peanut jar that I used for my utensils. I'm not sure, but that is something he would have done. The teapot behind the can opener is also from Grandma. This is the one I took to college to make iced tea in my dorm room. The lid was long lost...but it served its purpose well.

I also enjoyed "entertaining". You can see our fixins' were modest, but we wanted our family and friends to come enjoy our home with us.

Things I still believe are essential to a homey home. 

#1. Bare feet are always welcome (see kitchen pic). 
#2. Matching socks are never necessary.
#3. Putting your feet on the couch and/or coffee table is not considered rude.

#4. The biggest essential... 

Spending time with those you love. Talking, laughing or show and tell. Quality time is not cliche.

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