Monday, May 26, 2014

Feeling At Home

So, here's what I've been thinking about...home and how we feel about it and when our house feels like home. Why do I think about this? I think because I enjoy reading so many bloggers describe their home and how they are updating it...even if it's just something like new throw pillows.

I know to be careful to not get sucked into comparing my home (myself) and decor to others in the blog world...or in the real world for that matter. There are some days when my home will look completely organized and ready for company. And many days when there are also flowers on the table, this feels like home.

There are other days (most days) when my desk in the kitchen is not clear. But the touchstones of my portrait of Jacob and the picture of me with my grandfather make me happy.

For me, a home is comfortable and cozy and inviting. My home does not look like it could be in Architectural Digest...mainly because I would not feel "at home" in a magazine home. You know where I would be comfortable? A Crate & Barrel catalogue home. Feel free to buy (and send) anything from Crate & Barrel. It will fit into my home nicely and I will LOVE it.

One thing I love about this house is that we are in a place where things don't have to be perfect. We are okay with living with empty rooms. Case in point...our living room. I absolutely adore that room. I love the sunny brightness from two front windows and a side window. I love how the minimalist furniture shows off the hardwood floors. Hubby and I LOVE those floors.

The white canvas covered chair and a half I purchased "second hand"...though I would say it wasn't used. My prior employer had company apartments for executives that traveled to town for the first few years of their existence. The last summer I was there they closed out the apartments and sold the furniture to employees for ridiculously low prices. I would not have given into my desire for that chair if it wasn't an amazing deal. 
The brown chair (a recliner) was a generous gift from J's brother and his wife. The white stool was given to us by my parentals. It is one of two...and we usually have them in our kitchen with our C&B island / table. It's in the living room because a few Saturdays ago I needed a side table for my drink as I sat in my sunny place in the living room. The stool served quite well as a side table. I think it will be making its way back to the kitchen soon. Until I need a table again.

The straight back chairs came from my Dad. The bottoms you can probably see are woven from rope. Dad did that. He and Mom re-finished the natural chairs and worked together to weave the bottoms. I don't remember how many they originally did. They are amazingly comfortable...and remind me of my childhood too. 

The guitar? It's from the days before we were parents when Jordan and I invested in guitars and took guitar lessons. Jordan is really good. 

What I also love about this house is our comfort in "drop in" company. You know, like my Dad or my sisters. I think that is mainly a more relaxed attitude that we are embracing...trying to remember to embrace. 

You just never now when someone might want to stop by for a good game of Password.



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