Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Very Fun Birthday Indeed

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I was born.  A small gathering formed at our favorite local (though still a chain) Italian restaurant. I honestly love that place. Sissy and her husband came, along with Dad and Mamacita. And of course daughter and her husband. I nice small group. Sis (the middle sister) couldn't make it...but we will celebrate on our own later.

I started out with a lovely Moscato which I absolutely adore. I haven't had wine in a long while. This was so nice and refreshing. Jordan and I had the pork tenderloin, which may be my new favorite. 

Here we are outside our favorite restaurant.
We didn't get many pictures. Just a few as we were leaving the restaurant. 

After dinner, we gathered at my house for an impromptu game of Password. Sissy has already proven to be the Password Queen. She is unbeatable! That is until Danielle used a secret weapon when I was on Sissy's team. Turns out I was the weakest link!

The secret weapon? More wine!! Lots of really good riesling. The wine was so good I didn't notice how many times D. refilled my glass. After I missed a few clues Sissy looked at Danielle and said "My partner is drunk!!".

What can I say? I wasn't at my best. But I had an enormously grand time.

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