Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stranded and Grateful

I left quite the cliffhanger on my last post. Right? Well, maybe not a scary cliffhanger since you knew I was safe. But, happily, my adventure didn't end there.

I was expecting to spend the night in my office. As I said, I was safe, warm and sheltered. Jordan was out in the snow/ice at our home and it was too dangerous for him to try to come get me. Basically, I was stranded. Many, many people were abandoning their cars. I felt like my car was safest where I had left it.

I was grateful. Grateful that my trek in my car didn't take me further away from my office. That way I was able to return to a safe place. There were a few other people at the office. Two were waiting for husbands. One returned after encountering the same ice issues I had. She was able to return to the office in her car. Her husband would have to come with his truck / SUV that is better able to handle the elements.

One by one each person was able to leave the office. I was the last one without a ride.

This experience drove home a lesson for me. And it's one that does not come easily for me.
A co-worker that lives less than two miles from the office offered to host me at her house until the weather allowed me to dig my car out. Hmm, staying at my office, alone with only yogurt and cereal to eat or spend the night in someone's home. A real bed. The choice seemed clear.

But, I had just walked 1/2 mile in the snow and the wind and I couldn't wrap my head around going back out there. It was getting late, it was getting even colder. I just wasn't comfortable walking to the better shelter. I was on the phone with Sissy who was adamant that I NOT go out there again. "Never give up the shelter you have for the possibility of better shelter," she said. Don't know if that came from reading the natural disaster books or watching movies where the protagonist always does the stupid thing. She made me I promised.

Then, another co-worker offered to drive me to M's house. I was nervous...I mean I had not been able to get further than 1/2 mile in my car. I didn't need to worry. He drove like an expert. He had grown up in the Northeast and was experienced driving in snow. He knew the city better than I do and chose roads less traveled with more snow and less ice.

By accepting the kindness of others I spent two wonderful days with M at her beautiful home. M's husband's flight home was canceled. She was happy to have a friend to share the snowy few days at home.

I have to say...even when I felt I was in the middle of an "unfortunate" circumstance I was also blessed. I had to abandon my car and accept the fact that I was not getting home. Once I accepted those facts I was able to be open to other possibilities. What I gained was the opportunity to get to know someone that I'm so glad to know.


  1. Sounds like something good came out of something bad. That is often the case when we allow ourselves to be open to it! This winter, I have been glad that I work from home.

    1. You are so right. I got to know a wonderful person and actually enjoyed myself. I like what you said about allowing ourselves to be open. I think that may be something I should focus on.


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