Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sometimes a House Needs a Pet to be Home

Just a quick hello. I've been exploring things that make a house feel like home. It's kind of a fun thing. Back in the day when we were house shopping we enjoyed seeing the furnished models for new housing developments. A ton of ideas can be found there.

There are several houses that have come on the market in my area. I drove by one and
wanted to find the details so I went online to see the details. I had trouble finding the house I was looking for...but I found so many that I think are so cute. 

I'm not really in the market for a new house. But I so like to look. I especially like that you can find most of the information online.

I've already written about selling your home and the power of staging.

Well this weekend online I was mesmerized by the homes listed for sale...not new homes but re-sales. There are some that are so clear that they are really someone's home. Most of the houses I saw are not "staged". Most of them that I focused on are completely charming. I got a giggle out of the listings where the pets made it into the photos. Pet photo bombs. :)

Sometimes they are a little like finding Waldo. But then I thought they were so fun I started a little collection which I am sharing here. I cropped the pics to zoom in on the pets.

In listings the photos are a wider view of the room and the pet isn't always noticeable. I just love that. 



  1. When I saw the first picture with the kitty in the doorway I though you had added a new member to your family. Great pictures.

    1. :) So far we have resisted increasing our menagerie. But, we do have a neighbor's cat stalk the song birds in the back yard.


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