Saturday, December 7, 2013

Puppy Love

Look at Jacob's new sweater. Cute right? New...just got it today. There's a new store in town called Oliver's Collar. It is a dog treat bakery. If you are in the Triangle and want to check out a cool dog friendly place you may want to check it out.
We like to take Jacob with us when we do our weekend things. Today we were going to Carrboro for me to meet and sketch with a group of sketchers. This was my first time.

We were concerned that today would be too cold for the puppy dog without a sweater. So, our first mission was to find a sweater. Jordan asked me why we had not gotten Jacob a sweater before. The answer is that I'd never been able to find one that was "right" at the big chain stores. A few years ago Jacob did have a Duke Blue Devil tee shirt. But somehow it seemed to get to small. So today, happiness! Oliver's Collar had the wonderful sweater we wanted. Jacob is still wearing the sweater. He hasn't rebelled against it.

You have got to check out their facebook page. It has a cute photo of the owners' two dogs. Chloe is the great dane. And the little guy is Snuggle Bear. He's a toy poodle-bichon mix.

Snuggle Bear is so mellow! He just came and walked with Jacob all around the store. He was much smaller than Jacob. He was so calm and didn't bark. Just a really great example of a sweet little dog.

Chloe was mellow too. She was quite big (of course). But very very sweet. She was very curious about Jacob too. Jacob got a little freaked out and snapped at her. I was not proud. As we were checking out Kahli, the owner, was great talk to. Both her doggies were adopted from rescue agencies. We talked a little and she asked us if Jacob was an "only child". Answer: "yeah". Of course when we say "child" in this context we mean "dog".

So yeah, he's an only child, ahem, dog. And we've spoiled him silly and totally love him.

And just for fun I thought I'd throw in a couple of pics of D's doggies. Here they are all dressed up for Christmas for D's Santa Paws 5K. They were so cute that they made it on the news.

Toby, the Corgi and Winston the Chin.

Below is a pic of Winston in his reindeer antlers.

Happy 1st Saturday of December!


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