Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm Home-Part II

This story is continued from: I'm Home.

The summer after I got married, Dad called me to finish cleaning out my bedroom. --He was selling the house and I needed to get what I wanted to keep.
I came home for this task, looking at so many of my treasures and struggling with each decision of what to keep and not keep.  Did I want my 6th grade research paper on the Soviet Union, for instance? How about the book report I did about Patrick Henry (circa 3rd grade?)? And the diary I kept during my angst filled high school years?  Ultimately, I decided I did not need to keep any of these well written documents. I knew they contained great research and great writing, but ultimately they were not things I needed to refer to. I stayed practical and only kept items that had tangible uses in my new life: bedside table, lamp, bedspread and desk chair.

In my back yard
My husband and I lived in several places after getting married. Our daughter was born when we were in Virginia Beach. We raised her from a toddler until middle school in the big banking town in NC. We had a house there that I thought we would retire in. Until we had an opportunity to move to Seattle, WA. We could not pass up the chance to experience living in this wonderful place! We lived there for seven years and absolutely every day I marveled at how beautiful it is. I saw Mount Rainier every day on my way to work.  That is, I saw it when the clouds lifted enough so that "the Mountain was out".

The Greyson house (prior post) was in Redmond, WA, which is the Eastside suburb we raised our daughter in. When our daughter was about to go to college, we sold the house and moved to a wonderful apartment in Kirkland, overlooking Lake Washington. Gorgeous! The view was just spectacular.

We loved our Seattle/Kirkland/Bellevue life. When our daughter got her own apartment, my husband and I moved into a highrise in downtown Bellevue.  I was less than 3 blocks from work. We could walk to restaurants and shopping. We loved the urban vibe.

But just as suddenly as we decided to move to the Seattle area, we knew in our hearts it was time to come home to our family. And come home we did.

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