Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy B'day, Sis

Sis's birthday was last week. She's a teacher and this is the time of testing...so she was too exhausted for a real celebration. But...just wait until school is out. Then we will celebrate properly.

Sis and I are Irish Twins which means she was born before my first birthday.

Aren't we cute? That's me on the right in both pictures.

She is BRAVE 

That's her on the right in the swingset shot. See how high she climbed? That's an example of her willingness to go first and to go higher. I love that about her.


She's curious about big things and small things. I think we sort of have that in common. She has no problem with spoilers. If it's a movie spoiler it helps her decide if she wants to see it. If the book she's reading is either too intense (or too boring) she will jump to the end to decide if she should continue to read.

She's curious about other things too. Like do mentos and diet coke really produce a geyser like eruption? {Answer: Yes. We know this because Sis brought both to Dad's house to validate the experiment.} 

I even think I remember she said she takes things apart (like phones) and puts them back together. {Hope that's a false memory on my part.}

She is FUN!

She will do almost anything once. She and I went horseback riding together. {Never Again!}

When I first moved here she agreed to go on a moonlight canoe event with me. That was fun. My first canoe trip ever. And at the end she said, "Let's go real fast and get the canoe to go up the bank like 'Hawaii-Five 0'". So we did. And it did go up the bank. And when the canoe stopped we turned over. It was very funny.

There are many more things we've done that were too fun to do alone. She's one of my favorite people. 

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