Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The weather on Friday was beautiful! And the weatherman said we would have a "perfect" Saturday and an "ehh" Sunday.

On Friday I was feeling almost euphoric about the weather. I'm also starting to feel better after this bronchitis thing kicked my butt. So, right around lunchtime, I called my husband.

"How'd you like to do something spontaneous?" I asked.

I love how my husband is conservative with his answers. "Maybe.  What do you have in mind?"

Me: "Let's go to the beach when I get home tonight."

Him: "What?"

Me: "Yeah. It's going to be beautiful and it's before the hotel rates go up. I want to stick my feet in the sand and I want to eat fried shrimp and fries."

And so, this is how we ended up at the beach last weekend. Gotta say it was PERFECT!

Like I said, it was pretty spontaneous. So, we weren't actually prepared to take a lot of photos. I think the one above is pretty much the only one we got.

We didn't get pics of the 15 or so pelicans that flew overhead. They fly so closely it's like the Blue Angels air show.

We also didn't get pics of this crazy paddle boarding event. I'll try to describe it: I looked out towards the right of the ocean and saw maybe 25 people in wetsuits rushing into the water on their paddle boards. Then, within minutes another 25 or more people were there and so on. They were making their way to a big orange ball like a buoy. It looked like there was a competition...but I don't know the details. We were fairly far away, so it took us a minute to realize that they were racers in some event. At first, it looked like a herd of seals!

There were also several beautiful boats that passed by. A couple were sailboats. They added nice additional color to our ocean vision.

And one of the cutest things? A little girl (maybe about 18 months to 2 years old), with a blond ponytail on the top of her head (think Pebbles Flintstone). Her mother took off her sundress and they ran into the water. The little girl, in her diaper, hopped and jumped and ran in circles. Too cute for words.

Like I said, "It was Perfect". 


  1. ahhh awesome!! Sorry you have been sick! :( The beach looks so awesome though!


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