Saturday, April 6, 2013

Post with No Name

Blog...I just can't quit you. I keep thinking about it...but I keep coming back. 

I like the idea of writing...telling stories and having them instantly published. I LOVE that my little place in the world gets sweet readers and I get so encouraged with comments.

What I don't like is that I keep thinking I'm out of things to say. What? If you know know that I never run out of chatter. My mouth runs quite a bit with stream of consciousness. But that's conversation, really. Just talking between friends. No worries about "dangling conversations". BTW, is that a short story? Or just a song. For some reason I think it's a short story. But I may also be getting it confused with Ray Carver's "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love".

Conversations are fluid and often circular. They change according to the mood of the participants and the new thoughts interjected into them.

But, writing...that's supposed to have a point. Right?  Maybe a beginning and an end. And recently, I've been feeling too, I don't know...too something. Like..."Yeah, I could write a blog post right now." Then "Nah".

I still enjoy reading blogs. That may be part of my "block". Not that other blogs suck out my creativity. More like they suck me in. I read one, then another...and before I know it I have to go to bed.

So, back to my not writing. I think it's because I'm in a good, content (blissful?) place I just can't work up the energy to write. That doesn't make sense, does it?

So, last year I had a tough year. People hurt my over and over. And, I never can comprehend that because I never understand who couldn't love me. Seriously! I'm always surprised when it happens.

If you were to go back and read some of my 2012 posts...I'm not sure you would pick up on my stress or hurt feelings. {That were often lurking in the back of my skull.} But...I don't know, maybe you'd notice. I definitely hinted.

When I look back at my 2012 posts I see lots of good days. Genuinely good days. For instance, the Cherry Blossom Festival in March was amazing. I loved that little vacation. I got out, took pictures felt inspired and wrote. It was a genuinely good weekend. One I'd like to duplicate...but I'm afraid that trying to duplicate it would disappoint.

And my birthday week in Vegas? Another amazing time. I love that my Sis in Law was able to come. She was so great to hang out with! It was perfect to hang out with her and just lounge in our cabana! If you get the chance to do a cabana? Do it!

So...what was my point again? Yeah, I don't know. I'll try to write more often. Maybe that was it.


  1. i think the same things about writing, and more now than ever, it's been very sporadic for me.

    But just write. My blog started out as a heartbreak blog, to get thru a tough time, and is evolving into something that I still don't even really know!!!!! haha!!!!

    Have a fab rest of your weekend!!

  2. A lot of people are saying the days of blog writing are going the way of Myspace, which is sad! I like logging on and seeing what's going on with my writer friends, but sadly some of them haven't posted in over a year. I know most of the time I'd rather be writing my story than a blog entry, but I'm still here, every once in a while anyway. I think it's good you're sticking around too. :-)

  3. Ahhh so sorry you are having a rough time. I think about quitting my blog too so mannnnyy times I can't tell you. Hang in there! I hope you have a fun relaxing day!

  4. It is hard to come up with posts, I agree. I have an agenda
    each week and I stick with that and it helps.

  5. The way I see my blog is, it's a place for me to come and go as I please and write what I want or share the photos that I want to share. And if I go a month or two without writing, then that's fine. Usually it's because I'm out there having a great time that I have no need (or time!) to sit down and write. So, I say just go with the flow :)

    x Jasmine

  6. I love this post so much! I have felt the very same way too many times to count!


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