Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Girl Mud Run

Guess what I did this weekend. I went to the local "Go Dirty Girl" Mud Run.

That's right! A 5K! Yep. And it's a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Yeah, I feel good about it.

Oh, wait. I don't mean to imply that I ran! I was my daughter's cheerleader. She impresses the heck out of me.

Two years ago she and I walked for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. That one I actually completed alongside D.

Last October D. completed the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! I signed up to work Crew so that I could participate with her. We slept in pink tents! LOVED IT! That was a really cool event. D. started training AND fundraising in April to be able to walk in October. That was a huge commitment.  I was so glad to be even a small part of the event with D. 
So this past weekend, D. did a 5K Mud Run OBSTACLE COURSE! 

She got good and dirty! 

I was there to watch and photograph and give overall moral support. 

I dressed for spring weather...which it was not. What is it about these events and unseasonably damp, cool weather?

I heard on the radio that friends that come to watch will wish they were doing the course. I was like...yeah...but not this year. But, they were right. It did look like incredible fun!

I couldn't get close to all of the actual obstacles to get good pics. But I saw this fun inflatable giant mountain thing the participants had to climb. And I was able to see D. climb up a rope mountain & ring the victory bell at the top. And I saw this huge inflatable slide that looked pretty fast. Gotta say...it looked like fun and I hope I get my act together by next year so that I can play too.  

It was all the people that dressed up for the occasion! Lots of people ran/walked with their friends. 

These ladies were so wonderful. They had already completed their run. {They run in heats, which is such a good idea.} Anyway, these ladies had already washed off their mud and changed. The lady on the far right was so exhilarated. She said she had a great time doing the course and she is 62 years old. That's inspirational!

You know what else is fun? Getting to see and pet all of the wonderful dogs that came out for the event!

It was a good weekend.


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