Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rainy Days...

Today was a crazy, cold, rainy day. And, the cloud cover was very low. Not typical Piedmont, NC weather at all. The cloud cover so close to the ground...that is Seattle weather.

The pic to the left is from Bellevue (East Side of the Seattle/Puget Sound area). We lived in a high rise in Bellevue. A different life, but a good one. I took this pic one morning before work. Jacob's early life was in a high rise. The cloud cover and drizzle is what I mean by Seattle weather.

Last week I was thinking of giving up the blog. I hadn't written all weekend and I just thought...maybe I'm done.

But then I didn't actually quit. Wednesday night driving home I heard a song I had not heard before. I was seriously happy to hear this song that was new to me and I was inspired to post. 

This past weekend I read lots of my favorite bloggers. I have so many that I enjoy reading. I basically catch up on my blog reading on the weekends. So sometimes I'm not always "current". I was surprised when I saw one of my bloggy favs posted that Friday was her last post. She called it "This Chapter is Over". And I just thought, "I get that".

I didn't feel like writing on Saturday. Actually, I took Saturday as a "Day Off" from everything. I didn't feel well (kind of queezy) so I brought my bed pillows down and set up for a "Sick Day" on the couch. It was perfect. It was rainy and cold outside and I just wanted to be mellow and ease in and out of sleep.

The day was not wasted. I wallowed in it. {In a good way.}

Jordan hung out with me in the family room. We decided to watch this season's, Downton Abbey. We had been saving them. This is how we watched seasons one and two. Buy them on Apple TV and then watch them back to back! ZERO commercials. For season's one and two, we watched two or three in a row and then watched another two or three on another day. This time we watched eight episodes in one day! We had already watched the first one the night before.

I will not give any spoilers here. But I will tell you that this series is incredible. I felt it! There was one episode where I actually sobbed. Somehow these characters are real to me. I found myself thinking of one of them this week and felt disoriented when I realized I was thinking of a TV character as though it were someone I actually know.

Sunday was a completely different type of day. Sunny and more energetic! And we watched the Oscars. Good job Seth MacFarlane!

I made a conscious effort both on Saturday and on Sunday to NOT multi-task. And I went to bed Sunday thinking...I guess I'm done.

All day yesterday and today I was trying to decide how/if I should stop blogging. I was leaning towards..."Yes, you are done." And I was trying to decide if I was okay with that. Do I announce an actual end? Do I just go silent?

But neither seemed quite right. I so enjoy reading other people's blogs. Some of my favorites are by bloggers that are telling their story. Their real, raw, emotional life story.

But...my life is pretty bliss right now. I guess it doesn't lead to interesting stories.

But today...I found the energy/inspiration to write again.

Hope you are having a good week.


  1. I'm glad you decided to keep writing/blogging! I dont tell you enough but I really enjoy reading your posts. I think lately I've realized that a bit more since I was going through withdraws. I usually spend my morning sipping coffee and reading your thoughts and its just not the same without a new post from you. So keep writing, and do more things that inspire you... like painting.

    1. You are one of the reasons I enjoy the blog. Love hearing / reading you tell me that things make you laugh...or remind you of things.

  2. I would love to swap ads with you!


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