Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I Did This Weekend

What I did this weekend was....VERY LITTLE. And I'm not sorry.

I'm still new at my job...which means I come home with a fatigued brain each night. Not to mention that I now drive over 25 miles to and from work. (!!) Yeah! Driving itself can be a little scary. It's several different highways that I have to merge onto and off of. I can manage that okay in the mornings...but at night? OMG it's tough. I don't know if it's my depth perception or the fact that I get blinded so easily by all the lights...but I absolutely hate driving on these highways after dark. So, when I get home it's all I can do to just sit and watch Jeopardy. Which, by the way, I'm getting so much better at!
I may have mentioned that one of my 2013 "Get Healthy" goals is to get 8 hours of sleep consistently. I must be disciplined. I must go to bed early (and miss all those good TV shows that come on at 9:00 and 10:00). I need to keep my same sleep schedule on the weekend too. My body isn't in junior high school anymore. I can't stay up all night on Friday and make up for it by sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday. My body (and brain) won't let me keep doing this.

I'm pleased to report that I got 8 hours of sleep last Sunday night. And I got 7 hours of sleep the rest of the week. --I know it's not 8 hours...but it was the best I could do. I went to brain just wouldn't allow me to go to sleep. I closed my eyes...and opened them every 30 minutes. I'd look at the clock and say if I go to sleep now I can get seven and a half hours of sleep. That's not bad. Then 30 minutes later I'd open my eyes and say right after I go to the bathroom...I'm going to get seven hours of sleep.

This past Friday I went to bed at 11:00...which was pretty good. I turned off the alarm so that I could wake up on my own. I woke up at 6:30! Yay! I think that's an indicator that my body or internal clock is getting used to the new sleeping routine. Let me clarify though...I did not actually get out of bed at 6:30...I just noted the time and turned back over for some good sleeping in!

We all know I like football. What better weekend for a football fan! Right? Four games in two days. The Baltimore / Denver game was incredible. I was technically pulling for Denver {I love Peyton?}. But, it was simply an incredible game! Each team answered touchdown with their own touchdown! It was just incredible. I certainly don't have a problem with the Baltimore win.

This weekend I also finished reading an incredible novel: Where'd You Go Bernadette, by Maria Semple. Oh gosh...I loved this book. The novel is so compelling. It's incredibly funny. But also a little heartbreaking. But ultimately uplifting. I don't think I needed to say "Spoiler Alert" did I? 
You may remember last fall I gave great accolades to the book Gone Girl. Well, Bernadette is just as good. Maybe better?

Bernadette lives in Seattle with her Microsoft husband. I felt so at home when I was reading this. Like " is like that." But in a good way. I loved living in the Puget Sound area.

Hope you had a good weekend. :)


  1. I need to get on a better sleep schedule. Now that all of the 9-10pm shows are back's tough because I feel that I have to stay up! I'm making friends with my DVR....

    Have a great week!

    1. Sleep is so elusive. We've been watching a lot of Prime Time on Demand. :)

  2. I go to bed so early - sometimes I think I need to redo my sleep schedule.

    1. The best night of sleep I got this week, so far was when I went to bed at 9:00.!! I haven't gone to bed that early since I was a kid. :)

  3. :D Thanks so much for linking-up! You rock out loud!!! Sorry I'm so late hopping over....*but* today I took the last of my antibiotics and I'm feeling SO much better!!!

    It's funny that you and I both read books based in Seattle. WHere's you Go, Bernadette sounds intriguing especially if you think it's as good as Gone Girl.

    I don't like driving at night, either....not at all.....and I think your weekend was perfect: football and a great book. You can't beat that!



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