Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo by Jordan Montgomery

Happiness is the first weekend of the year.

My weekend included some of my favorite things. I saw butterflies. We had lattes. We also had brownies with hot tea. And we got to watch some spectacular football.

The local Museum of Life and Science has a butterfly house. Jordan and I went yesterday to spend time in a small but lovely tropical rainforest, complete with tiny birds and many lovely butterflies. Jordan took pics while I staked out a spot to observe and just get my zen on.

This morning our daughter came to visit and surprised us with lattes! How sweet is that? We always have a good time when D. comes over. We always end up laughing entirely too much.

After lattes and then breakfast, D. came with me to Target. I needed to pick up a new planner. And I've been craving fresh pineapple all week. So I got one of those too.

We took the pineapple to my Dad's & Mamacita's house to share the juicy goodness with them. --Oh, and have Dad cut the pineapple. I'm not sure one of my knives could have handled that bad boy. BONUS: Dad is going to use the pineapple top to grow a tree (?). Will it be a tree? I'd love it if he were able to grow a pineapple tree.

Oh, and before I forget, Jordan bought be a bag of cuties. Yum! I will be taking these to lunch tomorrow.

When we were at Dad's & Mamacita's, Mamacita gave us homemade brownies to take home. So, as we watched the first football game of the day, Jordan and I had tea and brownies.

You know how I like NFL football and this weekend I was able to watch three full games (!!). Not the least of which was my beloved Seahawks winning to go to the next game in the Playoffs! Happiness.


  1. What a neat post! :) Butterflies rock!

    1. Thanks! I'm lucky that my hubby likes to share his photos with me. :)


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