Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting My Zen On

Remember I told you that Jordan and I went to the Butterfly House at the local Life/Science Museum?

One of my 2013 goals is more quality quiet time. And, if I can be in nature during that quiet time...then so much the better! The Butterfly House offered a sweet respite that served both my need to sit and listen and look as well as my husband's need to look and photograph. We both were able to enjoy nature in a truly up close and personal way. 

Here are a few of Jordan's lovely shots.
Often when we go out together we both have our cameras. We have different approaches to what we photograph, so it's really cool when we get home and look at each other's shots. Jordan continues to help me learn to be a better photographer.

Clockwise from top left: Female Partridge //\\  Male Partridge //\\ Oriental White Eyed song bird //\\ Male Partridge.

On this day (Saturday) I did not pack my camera. What I wanted (needed?) was to find a spot, claim it and simply sit and watch butterflies. Oh, and I hoped to see some birds.

I did just that...I found my spot on a bench in the "deepest" part of the butterfly house. I sat facing the small tropical forest of exotic foliage. I saw many different butterflies overhead. Many lighting on the flowers nearby. And I was over the moon when I saw the sugar water feeder for small songbirds. These little guys would do a sweet little song and flit and fly taking turns at the feeder. When I got home, I researched to see what these little birds are and found they are called oriental white eyed birds.

The first time I visited the butterfly house I saw just a glimpse of what I call "ground birds". I thought they must have been in the quail family. The hid under the low lying foliage but I could hear they little coos. I so wanted to see one clearly, but they kept alluding me. This time Jordan not only saw them...he saw them in full view! Check out the photos he got of these little sweethearts. The one with the crest is the male. They are called a wood crested partridge. I get the "crested" part. 

This is how I spent a large part of my Saturday last week. Doing the quiet commune with nature. It was a man-made tropical forest...but it was still nature and I am so lucky to get to visit! 

P.S. Aren't Jordan's photos really good?! Seriously, he's so generous to let me use his work on my little blog.  


  1. what beautiful photos! what a fun day at the butterfly museum!

    1. Thanks! You know it is so fun. I really want to go one day during the week to see if it is less crowded. Although people watching is fun too.


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