Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Driving at Zero Dark Thirty

It's almost my bedtime so this will have to be short. 

So, you know I have to get up at Zero Dark Thirty now so that I can drive 25+ miles to work. {Yeah...the drive and wake up time are not my fav...but so far I'm enjoying the new job.} Yesterday morning, I drove out of the neighborhood and was driving on the hilly, curvy road on the way to the highway. I was maybe two miles from home...when I saw a person that had pulled their car off the road and he was moving something off the road. 
Here are a few things that I worry about on these suburban roads in my town. First of all...there are patches of woods on both sides of the road. Deer often jump out of the woods. It is difficult to see them until they jump out...and then it can be too late.

Our roads are two lanes with alternate passing and non-passing areas. Really, I wouldn't dream of passing on this particular road...between the hills and the curves I just don't trust it. The roads basically have no shoulder. --I live in an area that even though it is residential now...was once basically farmland. The roads are still what you would find in rural areas.

But because we have more residential areas we have a lot of people that like to jog and ride bikes. We do not have bike lanes. We do not have sidewalks on these roads. We don't have bike trails. So, if a person wants to run or ride a bike they have very few choices. They often choose to ride on these two-lane roads. 

And because we have more people living in the off shooting neighborhoods and we have new schools along the way...there is more traffic than ever. Plus, people in this town tailgate. AND pass on double yellow lines. {Crazy.} So if there is any obstruction on the road it can be perilous.

I'm always worried when I get behind a biker. I often have to go super slow for a while before I can pass. Runners scare me even more. If it is dark they are incredibly difficult to see.

I first thought the man was moving a deer off the road. But then I saw it was a person!

I pulled off (safely in the nearby drive). It was a biker that had been hit. The person pulling the biker off the road was not the person that hit him. I don't know how it all transpired but the guy was calling 911. I thought the biker was unconscious. He was face down and not moving and not completely off the road. When the biker lifted his head and started to move I asked him to move onto the grass and then I directed oncoming cars to give space.

The biker was completely lucid. He said he hurt (of course). While we were waiting for the ambulance and police a doctor drove by and stopped too. He was able to access the biker. It sounds like his leg was broken at the thigh. I left when the fire truck arrived. And was shaking the entire way to work.

So, that's how my week started. Though...I have absolutely no right to complain.


  1. Woah that's crazy! At least you were nice and stopped - I hope the find the person that did it.

    1. The good news is that they showed the bike rider on the news that night and he didn't have a single broken bone. He is very lucky. The driver turned himself in the next morning.

  2. What a scary thing to see on your way to work! I'm glad you were there to help! I am so thankfull I havent hit any bikers, walkers, or runners but I fear it will happen one day especially around my work (hospital) because people jay-walk all over there! It seems like they come out of no where and walk right in front of you! I try my best to drive slow and cautiously but theres only so much you can do! A couple months ago I saw someone lying on the street in front of a stopped car on my way home from work, it looked like the person had been hit so badly they couldnt get up but seemed responsive. And the worst was the day I saw the aftermath of a person who got hit by a dump truck by my work! And then I'm shocked when I see a pregnant woman jay-walking a busy 5 lane road!! Craziness!

    1. I know what you mean about your area. It is crazy. People act like they are actually on a college campus...but it's a major road! What frustrates me is that it's not just themselves that they put at risk by walking into traffic.

    2. You know...in Seattle they are very strict about jay walking. They actually give out tickets. I wonder if they should do that here.


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