Monday, December 17, 2012

NYC Walkabout~Day 1

One week ago today I was on a train coming home from NYC. It was wonderful to walk around the neighborhoods of Manhattan.
I had a plan for my first day's walkabout. It was a good plan. It was my plan. And ironically enough, a plan that I could not fully execute. But, that's the beauty of seeing new places...sometimes you plan to see one thing and see something completely unexpected.

Here was my plan:
First: Go to the Ivy Brown Art Gallery and see the Tracey Sides exhibit.

Let me say, unfortunately, I did not make it to my very first planned stop. It turns out I was simply on the wrong side of the building. OMG! I was standing right outside the building but on the wrong side! While I was at the address trying to figure out which building was the correct building. I decided that the gallery must have moved. 

But, like I've said, the joy of a place is the DISCOVERY. And I'm all about stopping to see what is right before me. On my mapped walk about I did not expect to see a true City Pet Store. Complete with "doggies in the window". Of course, I had to stop and coo. When I arrived at the puppy window there was no one else there. I plastered my face to the window, much like the Crazy Target Lady waiting for Black Friday.

As I was enjoying the puppy play several other people stopped to watch as well.    It was such a fun shared moment with strangers.

Another gem that presented itself to me was the High Line Park. As I was walking I saw stairs and people seemed to be automatically going up as though it was their destination. I actually thought it was a transportation location and walked on past. But, as I came back up the street I thought: "I just want to see".

And I was given the coolest park I've seen! It's a park built on a disabled freight rail. The rail is above the streets. If you go to NYC and are in the area, you should totally go enjoy this park.

Another fun surprise was the Ice Skating rink just below the High Line Park.

After enjoying an afternoon of people watching, I meandered towards Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. BTW, the apartment and Jimmy Choo's are no longer on the SATC tour. The neighborhood petitioned to have the site taken off of the tour. It's a true residential area. Someone actually lives in that apartment. The tour bus and groupies sitting on the stoop for photos was making the quiet neighborhood less than quiet.

But, being the sleuth that I am, I found the address and made my way there. One person (moi) on foot did not intrude on the quiet.

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  2. What an adventure!!

    Thank you so much for adding the button for my new blog :). That was so sweet!

  3. Oh How I loved this post. NYC is one of my favorite cities (I cant seem to decide between Ft. Myers, FL and NYC) . I never tire of the city and it amazes me that no matter how many times you go there, you always have something new to see. I have not seen the park yet. I want to one day. = )

    Irish Carter
    "Promoting Passionate People"

    1. This was only my second visit. I was surprised at finding the High Line Park. Part of it is still very new. What a cool place it is. I love to find pockets of nature in urban areas.


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