Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Looked GOOD Today

You know I'm not someone that enjoys shopping. I don't enjoy the entire experience. You know: the clothes racks are too close together. I don't enjoy having to navigate around other people in my effort to find something. You know what else? Trying on clothes is such a hot activity. Hot, as in sweltering! I guess it's the lights...but by the time I leave from a shopping trip, I feel like I need another shower. I'm usually exhausted and disheartened.

I've talked about my issues with shopping before. I do have a sort of love affair with Ann Taylor. I love their classic clothes but rarely love their prices. I really feel defeated when I try to find my size. The clothes are so beautiful, but the fact that they rarely have my size makes me feel like I don't deserve to wear cute clothes. It feels like Ann Taylor only sells clothes from sizes 0 to 6. Talk about a self-esteem blow. 

On the other hand, when I do find clothes in my size, the sales staff presents wonderful, boutique-like customer service. They help me pair the skirt with a top that really works. They help me accessorize so that I feel well put together. I have tremendous confidence when I work with their sales associates to pull together a complete look. 

Every once in a while, Ann Taylor has some amazing "Final Sales". I once found a skirt in my size that was $10. I skipped walked (ever so calmly) to the check out counter. I was cautioned that "Final Sale" means "no returns and no exchanges". {For the record, I get "Final Sale".} 

Needless to say, Black Friday (and after) does not make me want to go shopping. 

But THIS year I shopped from home. CYBER MONDAY! Oh my gosh. It's wonderful, this Cyber Monday thing!! I got 40% off my entire total from Coldwater Creek. (And that was on top of the sales prices.) I also bought from JCP and I bought two things from AT (aka Ann Taylor). 

The packages from JCP and AT arrived this week. And today, I wore the new skirt and sweater from JCP with the new jacket from AT. The AT jacket was less than full price but was not a crazy amazing deal.

BUT, the skirt and sweater separates I bought from JCP, less than $35 for both! Ah-mah-zing!

I got really lucky and everything fit like a dream! And the AT jacket fit amazingly well! I got a beautiful jacket that I would never find in the store (in my size). And, I did not have to leave my couch.

I'm totally happy right now. I feel like I got great value and looked good too.


  1. I had some cyber monday goodness as well - I'm getting mine soon.

  2. I'm a wee bit obsessed with Ann Taylor LOFT. I swear half my wardrobe is from there. Gotta time your shopping with their sales! Oh, and I hear ya on the dressing room. Why is it such an effort switching in and out of clothes?

    1. Clearly, you are a woman after my heart. Loving Ann Taylor LOFT ! I haven't had as much luck at the LOFT as Ann Taylor. But, I think I should try them agains. :)

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    new follower bev

    1. Hi There, so glad you stopped by. Totally love your blog!! Of course I'm following. :)


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