Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday after Thanksgiving

It's Sunday after the big holiday and I'm chillin' right here on the couch. Hubby made cinnamon rolls and hot tea (with milk!) which was heaven. It was nice to have something warm from the oven. 

Thanksgiving was a great success at my house. I will post about this fun day soon. It sounds like everyone else had a good day too. Good food, great friends and family visiting and even some good football.

Black Friday was a non-event for me. I don't really enjoy shopping, and really don't like shopping in crowds. I haven't purchased any gifts yet. I have time. {Right?}

Speaking of Christmas shopping...I know there's a lot of talk about if starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving is "wrong". Some find it to be offensive that Retail continues to push the Christmas season earlier each year. Because I don't shop on Black Friday, I can't really offer an opinion.

BUT, I do have an opinion on Target's Christmas commercials.


Where is our Crazy Target Lady? Where, where, where?

I love her and wait all year to see what she is going to be obsessed with each year. Who doesn't love the Crazy Target Lady? 

She really loves Christmas! She loves the whole shopping experience and prepares for weeks before the "big" day. Her "Big Day" is Black Friday. I read somewhere that the Crazy Target Lady is trying to "Win Christmas". I get that!

But, Crazy Target Lady also takes time out to enjoy the little things of the season as well. I love how she enjoys the Christmas cards!

I knew I couldn't be the only person that is missing Crazy Target Lady so I did some research to find out what the deal is. Target is clearly not bringing her back. That was clear when she showed up in these duets singing like she's on SNL. I don't blame "her"...but I do miss the real "her". It's like they drugged her so that she could "fit in" with the new image of Target. The "we're not promoting CRAZY", image of Target. 

So here's the scoop: The Target Marketing Guy left Target to work for JCP. The new Target Marketing Person (woman) fired the Ad Agency that invented Crazy Target Lady. So, Crazy Target Lady is NO MORE! 

It looks like a twitter/ facebook/letter writing campaign would do no good. Too sad. A Christmas era has ended. Too sad that Target didn't embrace CRAZY! Crazy and eggnog go together like turkey and dressing. Why mess that up!?

I do have a treat for you {at least until the Target people realize that this link is still active.} It's Crazy Target Lady checks her mailbox. Watch's like the Crazy Eight get a different answer every time. 

You're welcome.


  1. I loved the crazy target lady. I'm not too big of a fan of this year's people.

    1. I don't like the new people either. I would rather they just come up with something completely different than to tease us. I so miss Crazy Target Lady. :)

  2. I was wondering what happened to her. I so miss the crazy Target lady. I feel like she represented Black Friday so well. CRAZY!

    1. She was great! I loved how she was so over the top.

  3. I loved her too!! She was so funny. I think JCP should do something similar, using the same lady.

    Thanks for liking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


    1. I agree, JCP should totally use her somehow. I gotta say...Target should come up with something completely different. If we can't have the Crazy Target Lady...then they should go in some other direction. :)
      Love you blog hop.


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