Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday with Sissy

Sissy & Me {And Jacob}
One of the nice things about being in my hometown is that I'm near my two sisters. And my two sisters are two of my best friends.

You may remember that Sis and I have had parallel playdates at her house. I paint, or scrapbook or whatever while she reads or does whatever. Typically I do very different things with each of my sisters. For instance, Horseback Riding with Sis as well as Moonlight (i.e. dark) Canoeing. {I don't think I've written about the canoeing.}

Sissy and I usually go shopping together. Sissy has real style and helps me make it fun. Sissy has a good eye and can find things and totally put together cute outfits. After shopping with Sissy, I almost always have at least one new outfit that makes me feel pretty AND that was on sale or consignment or some other gratifying purchasing experience.

Last weekend, Sissy and I went shopping for a new work outfit for me. We got a simply adorable skirt for an amazing deal and a leather jacket. I need to put that outfit together for you so you can see just how cute it is! 

Anyway, this weekend, Sissy and I decided to "shake things up". Yes...we decided to do something different together. We decided to paint! And by "we" I mean "she" wanted to paint! Of course, I always want to paint. So, when Sissy said "I want to paint", I wasted no time setting up the easel and paints. The paint supplies were all set up before Sissy even got to the house.

I have a new easel (you may have noticed). So I painted with my easel and Sissy painted at my kitchen desk with my desk easel (tabletop easel). I forgot to take a picture of Sissy's painting. But we both painted the Girl in Rain Boots. Mostly, we painted the boots. I'm super excited how this turned out. It's my first "big" canvas that I painted without a net (or instructor). The paintings I've done at Sis's house have been smaller canvases. I'm feeling quite inspired again.

The question is: What will I do with all these paintings I'm painting? I have to find homes for them. Think about it...let me know what I should do.

P.S. Here's one last look:  


  1. Love the painting, Kimberly! That is impressive! Have you thought about opening an Etsy shop? That could be a good way to sell them! Or maybe have a studio where you can keep all your paintings!

    1. Hi Sar! I think you are now officially my best friend. I love that you think I should try to sell my paintings!! They are fun to do.

  2. Great paintings! Thanks so much for linking up

    1. Thanks for stopping by. And many thanks for liking my work. :)


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