Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays....

Happy Monday. Mondays often get a bad rap. The whole back to work thing (or the back to school thing, as the case may be). I love my weekends. I covet my time off. I love the chance to unwind and focus on the "real" me. 

So much of my adult life I've been consumed with work. I suppose it's part of my (obsessive?) personality. When I was (much) younger I identified myself with my job so much that it almost consumed defined me. 

Since our move to NC, I have been very diligent to make sure that I keep work at work. I'm not always successful. But, I'm loving my "real" life so much probably because I have been more successful in keeping my work and my life separate.

Hubby drove me to work today and couldn't help singing "Rainy Days & Mondays..." But you know, rainy days don't get me down. I love a rainy day. --When I can stay home (in bed). Today was both Monday and rainy. Not usually the kind of day that makes someone want to jump out of bed saying "Yay! It's Monday AND it's raining!" But here's a treat: My boss brought everyone Starbucks! Talk about a sweet start to the week. 

This evening, when I got home, there was another treat. This one was from God. A rainbow. But not just a rainbow. It was a double rainbow arching over my neighborhood.

Had to snap some pics while I could...with my trusty camera phone. (phone camera?). Spectacular, right?


  1. We saw a rainbow like this a couple weeks ago!! It was the most perfect rainbow I had ever seen. The colors were so vibrant and it had another rainbow above it. It went over the field by our house from end to end it was beautiful.

    Thanx for Linking Up @ The Thinks You Can Think Blog Hop

  2. Stunning!!!!!! We love having you at Whimsy Wednesday!
    Smart! School {House}


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