Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Pink Tent Weekend~Part I

Danielle and I have been thinking (and she has been preparing) for this weekend since April. {!!!!}

Important stories need to have the ending told first: Danielle finished her walk! (Well of course!).

She walked a total of 30.2 miles, including the additional four miles she walked on Sunday.

I'm so very proud of her. And I'm so happy that she allowed me to be part of her journey.

When Danielle signed up for this walk she invited me to join her. I didn't feel confident that we would be able to raise $1800 I signed up to be a part of the volunteer crew teams. 

I campaigned with her to help her raise the funds. But I have to say, Danielle did the bulk of the fundraising on her own. That was a huge hurdle (at least in my mind).

Once the money was raised, the physical commitment was paramount. You'll remember I was worried about her shin splints. Danielle got some shin splint wraps and powered through 26.2 miles on day 1! I absolutely could not have done it. 

Oh, and remember I was worried about being strong enough for my crew assignment? I was able to get my assignment changed so that the lifting requirements were doable for me. And get this...I did not have to use my asthma rescue inhaler a single time! 

This experience deserves more than one be sure to tune in for Part II. 

In the meantime, let me leave you with something Danielle included in a comment as we were getting ready for our adventure:
I'm trying not to focus too much on how many miles I have to walk, rather I'm focusing on the fun things. As long as I remember to enjoy the moment and focus on one step at a time I should be fine...hopefully ;) 

And with that...this sign deserves to be seen again.

P.S. Thoughts going out to all in Hurricane Sandy's path.


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